Sunday, March 1, 2009

Piggyback Rider

I guess I don’t have to go Mexico. Thank you to both John and Ben, I learned something new. I really need to read more books – my brain needs some recharging. By the way Ben, great website!

I went to church today and I saw the cutest thing... During the service, the kids were asked to go to the classroom with their teachers to learn the scriptures. A particular little girl caught my attention because she had her sister on her back when she joined the rest the kids at the altar. An hour later when everyone came out and returned to their parents, she was still carrying her sister on her back. I thought it was very sweet. So, I went home, cleaned my room, washed my clothes and took my watercolor paper out and used the last page. And here it is!

Below is a picture of me and my sister – I was 5 and she was 3. My other sister was not born yet when this was taken. I remember this picture very well because I was looking for my belt but couldn’t find it. And I remember how much I loved my knickerbockers – I’d wear it everywhere and every day when I could.

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.”

Marion C. Garretty


Anonymous said...

Aw, both the art and the picture below are precious.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Beautiful illustration!
Your sister and you look like dolls, sweet!

Cat said...

Aawww thanks Ben. We are not as precious as Ayame though. By the way, where do I leave comments on your website? I really haven't explored it.
You wrote a lot!

Cat said...

Thanks Metropolitan Mum. I would love to see more your paintings as well.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere really. The Home section for nows, but I'm trying to figure out if I can set up a blog-like atmosphere too since it may be more manual than I expected.