Friday, January 23, 2009

A very late Christmas

Nine-tailed Fox by Dang, Age 10

One of the best things in going to Kung Fu class is seeing all my classmates - we have a very diverse class. Going to class is like going to a second home - everyone is just so nice.

The illustration above is a very late Christmas present from one of my classmates who loves Naruto. He talks about Naruto all the time. I watched a few episodes with my little brother back then so I knew the synopsis. I did not have the chance to thank him personally since I missed a few classes. It was my brother who gave me the drawings. When I came home, they were on my bed. I think I'm going to paint him Naruto.

More drawings from Dang.

And I decided to change the umbrella in my previous painting. I think it looks more interesting.

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Mike Reckmeyer said...

kids sure are great... WOAH! I like the cloud umbrella... that's cool... it's like the sky is her hat...