Thursday, July 14, 2011


I finally got the courage to play with Adobe Flash CS4. Yesterday, I bravely opened the program which looked so foreign and the same time familiar while sitting on my chair glaring at it, clicking on every single button thinking I could figure it out on my own which resulted in total disappointment. I wouldn't say it was a total failure but definitely detrimental to my pride. After a few minutes of trying things on my own, I hesitantly opted to ask for help from the mighty Google and there it was (actually a few of them) - the tutorial. Subsequently, I watched a video and read maybe two or three "how to's." The video wasn't that helpful but having diagrams of the panels helped me remember how to do the most basic animation. I haven't touched Flash in a decade, so it looks a bit rough. I hope you enjoy my animation.

I had no idea this was extremely short; I'm going to do the next one a second longer (^_^)!

Everyone wants to understand painting. Why is there no attempt to understand the song of the birds?
~Pablo Picasso

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ben said...

Cute animation, keep up the learning