Friday, March 20, 2009

Ayame’s Story

Art by: Samuel Seo
Art Director: Ayame Soto

This is Ayame’s idea of birthday party – a monster, an angel and a cake made of ghosts. And not to mention the boogers coming out from the monster’s nose. She is always full of wonder and stories. My favorite is about the little elephant who lives in her pocket and who is constantly attending a Food Festival. I can’t wait to hear more of her stories!

Speaking of stories, I found this cool website for kids with free audio called Storynory. I personally like picture books but for those who loves audio books, this is a pretty decent site.


Cakespy said...

I love this--it is so sweet. :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I'm interrogating Ayame right now, but she's saying something about butterflies and that she's afraid of ghosts and that she was going to kill a ghost by kicking it. Is this a different Ayame?

Although she does whisper things in my ear when I sleep. She said if I get too hot, I'll melt into chocolate and become lots of Hershey kisses. And on Halloween she will give me out so that I can become apart of everybody.

I keep showing the drawing to Ayame, but it may be til' morning that she confesses.

Cat said...

LOL! Ben stop torturing the poor kid. I didn't know she was scared of ghosts. She suggested all those things to Sam and she was pretty pleased with the result. I'll ask her when she comes over. Tell her Sam bought her some seeds. She really wants to plant them for the butterflies. Let me know when you guys can come over so I can give the seeds to Ayame.

Gogglyhead said...

I showed Ayame the picture and Katrina jolted her memory. She does recall this indeed. And she mentioned the object in the top left corner is just a ball?

Cat said...

I don't remember what the object is but she might be right. I have to ask Sam. I can't believe she remembers! She's so cute!