Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meeting An Emperor

Happy Feet is one of my favorite movies of all times, in both live and animated categories. I even have the theme song downloaded into my computer and played it a hundred times, literally! It just makes me happy listening to “Boogie Wonderland.” On the other hand, who can resist penguins?! They are one of the cutest animals in the universe and they also love to play; some of their favorite pastimes are:

Penguins lie on their belly and toboggan through the ice and snow. This helps them move quickly.

Diving: Penguins dive off cliffs and ice flows into the water, hop back up onto the land and dive down again. Line-ups for good diving spots can get very long.

Surfing: Penguins are often seen surfing through the waves onto land.

Source: Kidzone


Unknown said...

Ohhh, yeah I like Happy feet too! it was really really KEWT!! I love how they dance even little ones!! lol. Nice painting by the way, did you do that today?? who is the girl always in your paintings?? xoxo

Cat said...

lol yeah I love the dancing and the singing, they make me want to dance! I don't remember exactly when I did this painting, I think a couple weeks ago. I don't know the girl's name, she's a mystery right now hahaha. We'll just call her "the girl."