Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hanging By A Moment

When we were kids, we used to chase and try to catch frogs – they are such fun creatures. And then my grandma told us that we can get warts from touching a frog; from then on, I stopped trying to pet them. I do not remember when I last touched a frog, probably in sixth grade.

The truth is you cannot get warts from being in contact with a frog. Warts are caused by human virus and not by frogs or toads. They might have slimy and bumpy skin but these help keep them from drying out and camouflage in their habitat. Some frogs and toads have paratoid glands which secretes poison that causes irritation and may be toxic to some species. So, if you see a frog and you want to touch it, it’s okay as long as you’re gentle with it.


Unknown said...

Oh i am glad that I don't have wart!! I touch so many flogs in the past but i am okay!! what did you use to color those flogs?? it is so nice. What is her name she always appear in your paintings.

Cat said...

Thanks Sachan! I used watercolor. I’m glad you do not have warts either. I actually don’t have a name at this moment. I'll think of one.