Friday, November 14, 2008

Flame - The New Face of CQ

This is Flame, the latest addition to the family. Flame is normally shy but he has another side...a camera hog. Sorry Flame but that was a little too much.


Unknown said...

Ohmaigosh!! Look at that Belleh!! soooo cute!! Flame is surely himalayan!! soooo cute!! I luve herr!! I gonna add this video to my other site kitty bellys!! xoxo!

Cat said...

Sachan Flame is a HE lol! I know the names sounds really gay but that's what they named him. Virak calls him Flamer hehehe.

Anonymous said...

flame is sooo cute!!!
he seems lazy tho :)
do all cats do that vibrating sound? i mean like when they breathe?? coz our cat does that too. i thought that was kinda weird.

Cat said...

Yeah Flame is like Garfield except he is not as fat. When they purr or make the sound, it means they are contented or happy. However, often times, they purr when they are sick or feel pain.