Friday, January 2, 2009


My first book! I couldn’t believe I completed a book in two nights. Of course I already had the pictures but writing it was very challenging. I haven’t written a book before and I only had a couple days to do it. I wanted to have the book by the 24th so I could give it to my boyfriend on Christmas day but the book arrived four days later. I was pretty disappointed with FEDEX but I was happy with the book.

Note: This book is not available anywhere. Although you can make your own book and publish it in Blurb.

Sachan, pre-Goma - 8 years ago

I couldn’t have done it without Sachan bugging me to write a book. She even gave me the link and “forced” me to blog (Thanks this is actually fun!). Seriously, I do want to thank Sachan for always egging me on to do things; even though, she’s a hundred miles away. I hope you’re enjoying your stay in Japan and I hope you like the book. See you soon! XOXO


Unknown said...

ohmaigosh Ranx2!! I need to get that book!! you should sell it on Blurb!! I want to read the story I can't believe you wrote this in 2 days!! omg!!!!! They look so awesome!! I am sorry it didn't arrive on time but I am sure Sam really really appriciate it! You are amazing all I did was tell you about those sites!! It is really hard to put your head around it for most of people!! but you are actually running with it!! I guess you needed some kind of creative outlet...we all need that!! Congrats on your first book!!! xoxoxoxoxo sachie

Cat said...

Thank you!!!! And yes Sam likes it. I couldn't believe I did it in 2 nights either. I'll try to publish it once I edit all my mistakes lol. I was very sleepy and I don't know if it's even comprehensible. You're right about the creative outlet – I need it badly! I hope to see your book soon!!

Unknown said...

Fricken awesome, Catharine!

I'm very glad I subscribed to your blog. Seeing your art on a regular basis is an inspiration and a routine reminder to make things of beauty.

I finally got my new site online:
Design Opus-- my portfolio isn't cinched up yet, but that will come soon.

Thank you again for sharing your inspiring work!

Cat said...

Thanks for subscribing John! I hope you get your portfolio uploaded soon. I saw your illustrations in Flicker – they're incredible!I can't wait to see more of your work!