Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tween Wolves

I finally finished my painting! This is the first time I used mixed media. I didn’t like the dark trees in the back so I painted over it with white acrylic and used watercolor on top. I think it looks much better than what I had initially.

There’s one thing that I didn’t mention in my older post regarding wolves. Do you know how you can tell they’re friendly? Wolves roll over and show their bellies! hahaha. This information should be in kittybellys site. They also put their paws down and wag their tail when they want to play (so cute!). But when they are agitated and want to fight, they start growling and show their fangs. And put their ears back and lay down when they are done. They are indeed fascinating.


Unknown said...

wow they ar ruly amazing creatures! how do you draw walves like like? did you find pictures or have a book?? How long did it take you to paint this?? I always amazed that you have such a passion for painting even though you are so busy!!

Cat said...

Yes they are. I had pictures of them and it took me more than 3 of hours. I had a hard time painting the fur but I think it came out okay. I hope you paint again.