Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Watercolor Painting

Cat - Age 12 (?)

I don’t know how old this card is; I should’ve written down the date when I made it. This is something everyone should remember – DON’T FORGET to write the date whenever you’re creating something special. I made this card for my mom on Valentine’s Day, (?) years ago. I might’ve been 12 years old. I dabbled with watercolor when I was a kid but like most kids, I preferred crayons and markers over watercolor, simply because they are easy to maneuver. But I really wanted to do something nice and watercolor always intrigued me. My curiosity led me to creating this – my first watercolor painting on bond paper!

You won’t notice until you see the card in person that I cut out the squares from the window and glued a piece of cellophane underneath using rubber cement so it would resemble a glass window. I wanted it to look as if the cat is peering outside the window.

If you look closely you can tell how bad my grammar was and still is (^_^). I don’t remember where I acquired this image, perhaps from one of my notebooks, which consisted of cute animals. I can’t believe my mom still has it and in great condition! She saved most of our letters and artwork from when we were kids — I’m glad she did.


Unknown said...

Oh Ranx2 I luv your water color!! It is amazing this is the first watercolor of yours!! it is so good!! I luv the retro feel and of course the kitteh!!!! He has a fat stomach which I LUVE!!!!! ahhh so cute!!

Cat said...

You like it? Thank you Sachan! It’s retro because it’s old lol. I used to have these kind of notebook covers. One of my favorite things about school is buying notebooks (for the images) and then I would cover them with acetate so they’d always look new :)

Anonymous said...


speaking of acetate,, i remember that stuff when we were still kids.. everybody is crazy of that acetate so that our books & notebooks will be covered...

well, cat, i like this art work.. i was really amazed that your mom is still keeping all these stuffs..

this artwork seemed to be a secondary school drawing, but as u said.. you were just 12 years old when u did this. (we were still in 6ht grade, huh)...

keep up the good work friend..

youre gifted...



Cat said...

Hi Lan!
How are you? Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you'll visit often. Don't work too much.

P.S. Don't work too much!