Monday, October 20, 2008

5% Day for EWI

Shirt I designed for EWI (Empowered Women International)

EWI is is a non-profit organization that fosters empowerment, independence, and business skills for immigrant and
refugee women and families. They provide business skills for emerging artists and artisans. This entrepreneurial model is similar in mission to Whole Foods Market’s Whole Planet Foundation. Giving to Empowered Women International enables us to support global and local communities.

You can support this program by shopping at WHOLE FOODS MARKET in all Northern Virginia locations on Wednesday, October 22nd from 5 - 7 pm .

For more information, please visit:


Unknown said...

hi Ranx2!! Nice blog!! yey this sounds really really fun! I think you are doing something that really makes difference!! and this is all about!! good job! xoxo

Cat said...

Thanks Sachan. I wish you were here to see them.